Digitizing Solutions for

Archives, Museums, Libraries, and Fine Art Reproduction

Rencay professional digitizing systems are dedicated to fulfilling the extensive requirements of the modern art world. Combining years of experience with a commitment to perfection, the modular systems allow effortless documentation and archiving of art and national treasures. Simple and precise workflows ensure perfect and consistent results.


Our User Base

Langfeld Engineering plans and develops digitizing systems for numerous fields of application.

The systems are used in



libraries,or by

service providers

and do not require any specific prior knowledge.

Instead, users and employees can be trained based on their particular needs.

Customized solutions are available on request (developped by Langfeld engineering).


Service and support are our strengths.

Our entire service portfolio is based on our clients' individual fields of application. The modular characteristics of the system concept enable us to adapt our solutions to the specific requirements of our clients as well as to their fields of application, without compromising the ease of use of the system. Simplicity and usability are our top priorities.

In addition, we consult and support our clients in all phases of use of their digitization solution, so that they can tap the full potential of the system and achieve the best results. Even if our clients' requirements change, we can provide assistance regarding possible system extensions. All of our systems can be extended and adapted to new requirements.

Fields of Application

We can design the perfect system to fit your individual requirements.